As smart home technology continues to become a larger part of our lives, more and more homes are discovering the benefits of owning a robot vacuum. They’re small, compact, and easy to use. Plus, they make cleaning your floors nice and simple. 

Some of the most popular options in the robot vacuum market are manufactured by iRobot. This company has now launched a product that brings the same simplicity and stress-free experience to mowing your lawn.

I don’t know about you, but mowing the lawn is a chore I try to get done as quickly as possible, especially when the heat of summer starts bearing down on me. I’d just as soon get it over with and get back inside in the cool air.

The new iRobot Terra t7 takes all the sweat and work out of mowing your lawn. Just set it up and let it do its thing, leaving you with the clean and trimmed yard while you sit on your sofa with a glass of iced tea.

 Let’s take a closer look at this amazing and exciting new device.


Terra t7 Design

After nearly a decade, iRobot has launched its first robot lawnmower. As you might expect, this device comes with fantastic features typically associated with iRobot units. However, one thing that makes this smart device stand out is its boundary system, which completely free of wires. 

Why is this significant? Because typical robot lawnmowers have to have a wire border set up to define the edges and borders of your yard. Getting all these wires arranged and buried takes up a lot of time. And of course, the larger your yard, the more time it’s going to take. 

However, with the Terra t7, you no longer need to worry about all that.

The lawnmower itself is has a cool design as well. The unit is compact and sleek, which means you can store it wherever you need to any time it’s not mowing your lawn.


Similar to the iRobot smart vacuums, users will be able to control the Terra t7 with their smartphones or tablets. Think of controlling the robot lawnmower much the same way you would control an RC car.

With this feature, users can either let their unit automatically mow the lawn or take control of it themselves if there are specific areas that need more attention.

Navigation and GPS

As prevalent as GPS and Navigation are on iRobot’s robot vacuums, it would be a huge surprise if their robot lawnmower didn’t have this feature. Additionally, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with the robot as well. 

By adding GPS to its robot lawnmower, iRobot is making it easier for users to define which portion of the yard needs trimming. 

Of course, the lawnmower will have manual controls placed on the device itself. However, iRobot will place emphasis on using smart technology. After all, why buy a smart robot lawnmower if you’re not going to use it the way it’s supposed to be used?

Additionally, the device will have a STOP button placed on it so you can manually end a mowing cycle if necessary.

Safety First

Something we really like about the Terra t7 is its built-in safety feature. When it comes to mowing the lawn, you can never be too safe. That’s why the iRobot smart lawnmower automatically turns off when you lift its handle. 

This is especially nice if you have kids who might grab the mower while it’s running, which could result in severe injuries. iRobot goes the extra step in preventing anyone from getting hurt when using their Terra t7 smart robot lawnmower.

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When it comes to features, iRobot rarely disappoints. Especially when it comes to its more advanced devices, such as the Terra t7. Let’s take a look at what features you’ll have with your iRobot smart lawnmower.


As your smart lawnmower moves around your yard, it will connect to your wifi network and to the iRobot native app on your smartphone. This gives you the ability to control when your lawn is cut, how high it’s cut, and when you want it cut, no matter where you are.

With iRobot’s mobile application, you’ll also have access to advanced functionality like mowing time, zone control, notifications and alerts, and more. Plus, with wifi connectivity, you don’t have to mess with pushing your lawnmower around your yard anymore.

Recharge and Resume

If you have any experience with iRobot robot vacuums, then you know they have a great feature called Recharge and Resume. With their vacuums, when the battery begins to get low, the device returns to its base and recharges. When it’s fully charged, it picks up where it left off.

The Terra t7 will have a similar feature with its base. It will return home when its battery runs low, recharge, then set back out on its mowing course. The unit uses Imprint Smart Mapping technology to determine exactly where it left off. We’ll talk about that next.

Imprint Smart Mapping

With its Imprint Smart Mapping technology, your robot vacuum can pick up right where it left off before it had to recharge. Many iRobot smart vacuums have this feature, as will the Terra t7 robot lawnmower.

Additionally, Imprint Smart Mapping lets your smart lawnmower work without the need for boundary wires. It knows exactly where it is and what areas it needs to cover without you needing to spend time burying guide wires.

Theft Proof

While I’ve never had anyone steal my lawnmower, I can definitely see the appeal of taking a Terra t7 that doesn’t belong to you. However, if someone does take your robot lawnmower, it’s not going to do them any good.

Once you set up your robot lawnmower and it commits your yard to memory, it won’t work anywhere else. Basically, iRobot’s protection software makes it so that your unit is inoperable in any yard but your own.

Weather Protected

The Terra t7 is designed to work in inclement weather if you need it to. It’s rated up to IP55, which means it’s protected against rain, debris, and even low-pressure streams of water. So even if it’s raining cats and dogs, your robot lawnmower will get the job done.


Everyone’s yard is different, so you may have to spend some time tweaking the settings of your robot lawnmower to get maximum performance. With smart mapping technology, you already know it’s going to mow your lawn in the most efficient method possible.

Even iRobot goes so far as to tell you that the Terra t7 will “cut in back-and-forth straight lines, while maneuvering around rocks, up and down hills, and across rough terrain.”

Unlike other robot lawnmowers, the Terra t7 uses its wireless beacons and Imprint Mapping technology to develop a map of your yard. Through the iRobot mobile app, you can tell your Terra t7 to avoid garden beds, yard decor, and any furniture you have on your lawn.


Setting Up Your iRobot Terra t7

Another great thing about the iRobot Terra t7 is that it’s designed for simplicity and usability. The robot lawnmower manufacturer wants those who use their devices to have a pleasant experience that doesn’t involve a lot of complicated setup.

Similar to your iRobot smart vacuum, you want to be sure you charge up your new robot lawnmower before you take it out for a spin. While you’re waiting for it to charge up, be sure to download the iRobot mobile app.

Connect the device to your wifi so you can have everything set up and ready to go when it’s done charging.

Mobile App Setup

The iRobot mobile app setup is pretty straightforward. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices. Just head to the appropriate app store and download the iRobot HOME application.

Once it’s downloaded and installed, follow the in-app instructions to pair it with your robot lawnmower. After that, you can set the schedule you want, choose how high you want your grass cut, and set all your mowing preferences, right from the convenience of your smartphone.

Is the Terra t7 Worth the Money?

Now that you’re a little more familiar with iRobot’s new robot lawnmower, you may be wondering if it’s worth the money. Of course, that entirely depends on what you want and need from a smart lawnmower.

When it comes to the Terra t7, you’ll get the best in mapping and navigation technology. It is compact and sleek, so it’s not going to take up all the room in your garage that your current lawnmower requires.

Plus, it’s easy to use and you can customize the settings and preferences to reflect exactly how you want your grass cut.

Once your Terra t7 is charged and ready to go, you’ll have a device that cuts your grass while you relax. Or focus on other tasks. Whatever else it is you want to do. But you definitely won’t need to mow.

So you have to decide whether or not it’s worth the money to never have to mess with dragging your lawnmower out, checking the oil, filling it up with gas, sharpening the blades, and profusely sweating while you push it along.

For me, it’s a no-brainer.


How much is the iRobot lawn mower?

If you’re interested in owning an iRobot lawnmower, then you’ll like pay at least $600 for a basic model and potentially up to $3,500 for a smart lawnmower that offers the latest and greatest features.

Which is the Best Robot Lawnmower?

In addition to the iRobot Terra t7, there are also several high-quality robot lawnmowers on the market. Here are a few you might consider if you aren’t completely sold on the Terra t7:

– Husqvarna Automower 430x – This smart lawnmower can handle larger areas and up to 40% inclines.
– Honda MIIMO HRM300 – The Honda MIIMO works well on both wet and dry grass and offers a quick charge feature.
– Flymo 1200R – Provides an auto-charge feature, one hour of battery life, and a lithium-ion robotic lawnmower battery.
– WORX WG790E – Features for the WORX robot lawnmower offers weekly scheduling along with auto charging.
– Bosch Indego 350 Connect – The 350 Connect offers great handling and auto charging features.

How Long Do Robot Lawn Mowers Last?

With the right maintenance and care, you can expect a high-quality robot lawnmower to last for at least a decade. Almost certainly you’ll need to replace the battery within the first four or five years, but otherwise, you shouldn’t experience many problems with your smart lawnmower.

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Where to Buy?

You can buy the iRobot Terra t7 through many retailers, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Ace Hardware, and of course online through the iRobot website.

Pros and Cons

We all know that no device is perfect. No matter how great it might seem before buying a unit, we always discover a few flaws and imperfections as time goes on. Here are some of the pros and cons you can expect to experience with the iRobot Terra t7.


  • No need to bury guide wires
  • Don’t have to mess with gas and oil maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Imprint Smart Mapping capabilities
  • Remote navigation
  • Compact and sleek makes it easy to store anywhere
  • Customize your lawn mowing preferences
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient and safe


  • Electricity bill may increase a bit due to regular charging
  • If you have a large yard you may experience wifi interruption

Is the Terra t7 Right for Your Lawnmowing Needs?

If you’re in the market for a cutting-edge (no pun intended) robot lawnmower that is equipped with all the latest smart technology, then you should consider the Terra t7. It requires no wires, which is a huge benefit over other smart lawnmowers right out of the gate.

For me, the biggest advantage comes from not pushing a hunk of machinery while sweltering out in the heat. I can simply set up the schedule for the Terra t7 and let it get to work. All I have to do is confirm all the settings in the iRobot HOME app. 

With the iRobot Terra t7, you don’t have to mess with mowing your lawn anymore. It’s great for anyone who is tired of the hassle associated with lawnmowers.

There are some crazy people out there who enjoy mowing their lawns. I’ll gladly let them bake in the sun. For me, I’d much rather let the Terra t7 do the dirty work while I sit in the air conditioning and enjoy a nice, cool glass of ice tea.

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